23 February 2018
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Food for thought

Are you Backsliding?  Here's a question we would almost never ask somebody.  And what an incredible question it is.  "Are You Backsliding?"  It's not a question to condemn.  It's a question to ponder.

As ministers of the gospel, some would never want to ask their congregations this question as it might offend. How many however might still be saved today if only someone would have asked them this simple question while there was still time to correct their path.
We ask people all the time, "Are you ok?" "Is everything alright?"  And why not?  We are genuinely concerned about the welfare of the other person.  True concern however, causes one to ask the deeper questions.  It forces us to enter into a conversation on uneasy ground.  Barbara Walters is renown because of her ability to ask interviewees the probing questions that often times bring those she interviews to tears.  They never expected her to ask "That" question.

We oftentimes don't like to ask the hard questions.  We rarely enter into conversation with someone where we don't feel comfortable.  Yet, here is the place where a person is most vulnerable.  Here is a place where they are searching for answers.  Here is a place where they often times feel lost.  Hard questions demand hard answers.  Hard answers lead to a right way of living.

A person who is "off track" seldom realizes it before it is too late.  Most recently the news has read like this...

And most recently a heartbreaking news report tells us of 3 hikers who fell to their deaths at the Yosemite falls.  Each one trying to help the other from falling.  Hormiz David, Ninos Yacoub and Ramina Badal all three perished simply because they ignored the warning signs along the path that cautioned hikers to stay within the walkways designated as safe.  When it was noticed that they were going over the falls, it was too late for anyone to help them.

"Are you backsliding?"  It's a tough question to ask, but we need to ask it.  "Are you getting too close to danger?"  "Are you too far from the church?"  "Is your heart right with the Lord?"  "Is something wrong?"  "Why have you been missing so much church lately?"  The news reports all tell of people who watched in horror as these three were swept to their death.  But how many of them asked the question, "Should you cross that line?"  "Are you supposed to be over there?"  "Aren't you putting your life at risk and those who might try to save you?" while there was still time for them to correct the path they were taking.

But we don't want to offend do we?  Neither do we want to create a scene.  I wonder though how many of those who witnessed the deaths of all the people mentioned above wished to God that they would have left their comfort zone and screamed to the person to get off of the path they were on because they were about to fall.  Many of them tell of the nightmares they had for days because of the event.

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